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Why shouldn't learning be fun?

Why shouldn't learning be fun?

Educators around the world are excited about the use of iStopMotion in the classroom. And so are their students! No wonder, because learning with iStopMotion is a lot of fun. Stop motion animation has many uses and benefits in the curriculum. It teaches soft skills such as teamwork, structural thinking, planning and provides immediate satisfaction. Stop Motion animation can be used in many different contexts. The time lapse recording feature opens up even more possibilities in the scientific curriculum where it helps to make slow processes more visible to the students.

What can iStopMotion do for you?

Everyone benefits from iStopMotion in the classroom. Get an idea of how useful it is for your classroom.

For Teachers

  • Easy handling and cool features like Onion Skinning, Live Video Preview, Blinking and easy Editing.
  • Can be used in all classes and subjects.
  • Save money - all you need is a Mac, a webcam or DV camera and iStopMotion to get started.
  • Download the software, enter the license key that you receive via email, and begin. No shipping costs or time.
  • Find copious information, examples and lesson plans about animation on the web.
  • Children of all ages can use iStopMotion, and are fascinated by stop motion animation.
  • Create time lapse movies that will make slow processes more interesting to your students.

For Students

  • Easy to use - Students learn how to use iStopMotion very fast.
  • They see the results of their work immediately.
  • Working in groups is easier and students learn team skills.
  • Students can develop original ideas and techniques.
  • Learning while having fun - watching and creating films is a lot more interesting than presentations.
  • Share their movies with friends, family and other schools.
  • Other skills improve such as research for the project on the internet, Students get used to the computer, language required to communicate the ideas.

I use iStopMotion in school arts residencies for clay animation and animation projects. Students of all ages quickly learn to capture, save, and transfer their work to video editing programs such as iMovie. Mistakes and reshoots are almost unheard of because of the 'onion skinning' feature. My residencies are often planned with only a week of student contact time, so I can't use a program that takes long time to learn. With iStopMotion the students are capturing their clay animation movements or animation drawings during the first session.

Duane Barnhart,

Cartoon Connections

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Boinx @ ZEUM, San Francisco

The Arts & Technology Museum for Kids and Families (Zeum) in San Francisco is dedicated to foster creativity and innovation in young people of all backgrounds. By providing hands-on experiences in four core creative processes (animation, sound and video production, live performance and visual arts), Zeum encourages youth to share their stories, build their voices, and use multimedia tools as iStopMotion for creative self-expression.

Boinx Ani-mat

Boinx Ani-mat

Ani-mats are a cool invention by ICT Links. They provide a guide for making great clay figures while being an easy to clean mat for modeling the figures on, protecting whatever surface lies beneath. ICT Links' Deborah Stewart made one especially for Boinx Software with the clay figure from the home page. Download here (1.8 MB JPG), print out on an A3 color printer and laminate.

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