Introducing Lower Thirds Pack 1: 8 New, Professionally Animated Lower Third Layers

The Lower Thirds Pack 1 for mimoLive contains 8 new, professionally animated, lower third layers. Easily customize logo, font and colors to get your individual look. You can purchase them as a pack at US$ 49.99* or individually for US$ 9.99* each. The pack contains:

  • Lower Third 1 Beam Wiper
  • Lower Third 2 Hide Behind Bar
  • Lower Third 3 Hide Behind Line
  • Lower Third 4 Origami
  • Lower Third 5 Sliding Horizontally
  • Lower Third 6 Sliding Vertically
  • Lower Third 7 Vortex Push
  • Lower Third 8 Vortex Slide

Watch the demo to get an idea about how you could customize the lower third layers included in the pack for your purposes.

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Alessondras Who & A Show

Jeff, Alessondra and their family just rounded up the 5th season of Alessondra's Great Horned Owl Cam, streaming live 24/7 from Oklahoma City via UStream and Facebook. Jeff uses mimoLive to produce the multi-camera program, including live weather data from his own weather station. Alessondra and Jeff go live on the Who & A Show every now and then to answer viewers questions and give updates on the owls development.

mimoLive 2.8.2: Presets for UHD and 4k

Did you know that you can let mimoLive create video in just about any resolution you want? If you want to fill a 320x320 web banner, or want to produce portrait video in 1080x1920, or drive a billboard that has 4096x320 pixels, mimoLive can do it. But you have to enter the resolution every time you create a new document, which is why there are presets for the most common video sizes.

mimoLive 2.8.2 now adds two more presets:

  • 2160p 4K UHDTV (3860x2160) - which is the format used for 4K video for TV and web
  • DCI 4K (4096x2160) - which is the format used for movies and the cinema

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mimoLive 2.8.2: PTZOptics Controller

PTZ cameras are great because they allow you to move the camera without a dedicated camera operator.

PTZOptics makes great PTZ cameras with high quality video output via HDMI, SDI or USB 3, which you can easily capture in mimoLive using an SDI or HDMI grabber or directly via USB 3 for the respective models.

mimoLive 2.8.2 adds a PTZOptics Controller which not only allows you to remotely control pan, tilt and zoom of the camera, but also to save and recall up to 8 camera positions. You can easily switch between a wide angle shot and several close ups, for example on different people on a stage.

mimoLive supports using multiple PTZOptics cameras simultaneously, so you can make a two camera production look like you used 16 cameras.

Jason Jenkins of the DVEStore has produced a quick video tutorial on how to use the PTZOptics Controller.

Learn more about the PTZOptics Controller in the mimoLive Manual.

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