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Quickly Produce A Lot Of Video

BoinxTV is like your personal TV truck without the truck. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio and more to create a stunning recording or live video. BoinxTV is perfect for recording presentations, lectures, video podcasts, sports, concerts, sermons and more. Stream live to the internet or upload right after the event, no post production required.

I can recommend BoinxTV because it’s been working flawlessly for photokina TV all the time … I have more and more possibilities, and it’s all based on a software. Marc Ludwig, FotoTV
When you have a combination of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, but also very in-depth as you progress, it's a perfect software solution. Jeremy Phillips, CTO, The Motley Fool
Without BoinxTV we would have had to close down DigitalUpgrade. We just did not have the time for editing any more. A single episode would take more than a day to make. With BoinxTV we easily do it in a couple of hours. Tino Tezel, co-host DigitalUpgrade
It looks like we’re working with a variety of production tools, but we’re not. It’s easy to set-up and visually stimulating. The layers and templates quickly and efficiently illustrate our event for filmmakers all over the globe right as it unfolds. Daniel Bérubé, Co-Founder SuperMeet
The greatest use for BoinxTV for us is when we do our live event broadcasts. Most school events take place in a gym or auditorium. We generally have 3 to 5 camera angles and we will use BoinxTV to add titles, change camera angles, keep scores, and broadcast video to a Tandberg video teleconferencing unit and Ustream. Damon Hargraves, Bering Strait School District

Creative Possibilities

Customizing BoinxTV

Although it is very easy to change fonts, colors and many more aspects of the more than 50 layers included with BoinxTV, in some cases that might not be enough customization. In these cases you can create a custom layer or have one created for you.

Custom Layer Service

If you do not want to dig into Quartz Composer yourself, let us do it for you. We have extensive experience creating layers for BoinxTV, including data visualization such as stock charts, which you can leverage to create just the right layer for you.

Buy Custom Layer

Apple Design Award

Out of thousands of contestants, Apple chose BoinxTV for best embodying the philosophy of the platform and honored it with a very special prize: the Apple Design Award.

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