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Hey iFans! Day Two of Macworld | iWorld is shortly coming to a close, so we wanted to check in and announce Boinx has been given a 2012 Macworld | iWorld Best of Show award! We’re very honored and excited to receive such an award, especially when pitted against some pretty cool software and product developers. iStopMotion for iPad was one of 11 winners of the esteemed award, with products handpicked by the ever wise editors at Macworld. Overall, Day Two has been another success for the Boinx crew. We’ve had Gordon Straub of Moose Movies demonstrating iStopMotion for iPad and received lots of great feedback and praise from Macworld attendees. Thanks to all for making our experience at Macworld | iWorld so great! And the fun doesn’t end today, stop by the Boinx booth (818 – 2J) in the Mobile Apps showcase tomorrow for more stop motion fun. Photos of the event and award presentation to come!

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Live from Macworld | iWorld 2012, Boinx is pleased to announce we've been awarded The Mac Observers Editors Choice Award 2012 for iStopMotion for iPad! The first day of the show has been quite exciting, with many people stopping by the Boinx booth (818 - 2J) to get a hands-on look at iStopMotion for iPad. We even have Eli Africa, of the Children's Creativity Museum, demoing his stop motion skills at the booth today, so we'll be sure to post some of his videos later this week. Stop by the the 'Winner's Circle' (our friends over at Smile just across the way won an award, too!) in the Mobile Apps Showcase to try out iStopMotion for iPad yourself, speak with the Boinx crew, and pick up some fun little freebies!

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Fryeburg Academy, a day and boarding school in Maine, is an independent preparatory school that prides itself on providing a supportive yet challenging environment for their students. The Academy believes its strong school community fosters learning and growth in all of their students, and its comprehensive co-curriculum cultivates generations of students who graduate well prepared for the future.

A recent addition to the school’s curriculum to help further the Academy’s mission is Filmmaking and Broadcast – a course that requires its students to create content for, report, shoot and edit their own news show. After weeks of hard work and behind-the-scenes efforts – made easier through the class’s use of BoinxTV – FATV is broadcast online to the news team’s fellow classmates and faculty.

We could not be doing the news show at all without BoinxTV,” said Mike Dana, a former motion picture cinematographer and creator/teacher of Filmmaking and Broadcast at Fryeburg. “We use one of our editing station iMacs as a digital TV studio and installed the BoinxTV software. There is no way I could have started a News Media class with the expense of a traditional hardware based studio.”

In line with Fryeburg’s mission of offering students a well-rounded curriculum that will prepare them for the real world, the FATV news team is run totally by students – eight in total this year – under the guidance of Dana. They are responsible for all of the work that goes into creating a news segment and have learned the ins and outs of video production because of it. “The kids love it,” said Mike Dana.

Lead anchor and sports expert Forrest Emery said, “It’s definitely a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot about the profession that I don’t think you would otherwise – stuff you wouldn’t think about normally if you were just watching the news at home. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.”

FATV exposes Fryeburg students to experiences they would not otherwise have, partly made possible through BoinxTV. “This would have been really tough to pull off 10 or 15 years ago. The rules haven’t changed; there’s still a certain structure and a certain way of making a plan, but the kids can now use the technology on their own,” Dana said. “With a little guidance, they’re able to tell stories. With Boinx TV (which is a software-based studio in a box, basically), a computer and a green screen on the wall, we can make news shows.”

Of his students, Dana says he’s seen them grow immeasurably just over the past year because of their involvement in the class. “There is always a difficult period getting students comfortable with doing interviews and asking questions of their peers and teachers, but they always get over that and gain a lot of confidence as they do more shows and segments,” he said. “Wait till you see what our students here at Fryeburg are able to accomplish with hard work, creativity, and BoinxTV software for the Mac.”

…No need to wait though! Check out FATV’s news shows here now.

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by Megan - -

With Macworld | iWorld 2012 right around the corner, we’re pleased to announce that Gordon Straub, Director/Producer of Moose Movies, will be presenting at the Apple event. At just 17 years old, Gordon’s Tech Talk, Get Started or Improve Your Techniques Making Stop-Action Movies with iStopMotion, will, as you may have already guessed, address helpful tips regarding the creation of stop motion animated movies using Boinx’s very own iStopMotion.

Attendees will not only learn everything about using iStopMotion software, but also the ins and outs of stop motion basics – how to model clay characters, build a stage, use a blue screen to superimpose backgrounds, develop storylines and scripts, and record or create a soundtrack for the final piece. Gordon will also be handing out clay to attendees for a more interactive experience. And because we’re so excited to have an iStopMotion expert advocating our software at the premier Apple event of the year, we’ll be raffling off one license of iStopMotion Home and one for iStopMotion for iPad at Gordon’s Tech Talk!

A multi-talented musician (he plays the double bass!) and artist, Gordon, a Danville, California native, has produced claymation shorts for the Town of Danville and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District (using iStopMotion of course). His work with Danville’s Street Smarts program in which his animated penguins discussed street safety tips won him an award from the Town of Danville. The Animation Tests on Gordon’s YouTube channel feature some quirky characters and show off a series of animation techniques, which he’ll be sharing with the crowd at Macworld. Stay tuned for a more in-depth animation from Gordon that is sure to show off all of his skills in one extensive stop motion film.

Gordon will also be exhibiting his stop motion skills at the Boinx booth (818 – 2J) in the Mobile Apps Showcase, where he will give a live demo of iStopMotion for iPad. Don’t miss out – register for passes to Macworld | iWorld 2012 here. We’ll keep you posted on the exact time of Gordon’s demo and presentation. See you there!

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Regisseure mit Schauspieler-Phobie werden es auf jeden Fall lieben.” …and for those of you who don’t speak German, basically, “Directors with a phobia of actors will love it for sure.

Alex Olma

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Attention iStopMotion Super Users - Exhibit with Us at Macworld | iWorld 2012!

Are you attending Macworld | iWorld 2012 or plan on being in the San Francisco area from January 26 – 28th? Boinx Software will be exhibiting at Macworld | iWorld (Booth 818/2J) and we want you to put your iStopMotion talents on display on the showroom floor.

If you think you’ve got the skills to create a show-stopping stop motion animation on the spot using iStopMotion for iPad, let us know!

Tell us a little about yourself and send over samples of your latest stop motion work. If you’ve got what it takes, we’ll feature you at the Boinx Software exhibit booth at Macworld|iWorld 2012 where you can create your very own iStopMotion for iPad animation LIVE for all to see!

Please include in submission:



*Brief bio

*Latest samples of iStopMotion work

Please send submissions to Megan Linebarger at [email protected]

About Macworld | iWorld

Macworld | iWorld 2012 is the world’s ultimate fan event for those who use, create, and love Apple products. Attendees will encounter a unique celebration of Apple technology-infused art, music, and film, as well as learning opportunities, and a shopping mecca in our exhibit hall filled with products and services for Apple users of all skill levels and interests. From home users, to artistic hobbyists and professionals, and the true Technorati – Macworld | iWorld 2012 gives attendees the chance to experience all that the amazing world of Apple-related tools can offer. (More Information...)

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...one of the neater creative tools launched for the iPad in recent times.

Chris Smith


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iStopMotion puts you in the director’s seat, allowing you to create masterpieces without a Hollywood budget.

Jillian Halayka


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Once again, Boinx has done an excellent job of taking something that could be rather difficult to accomplish and making it easy to do.

Steve Sande

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At the debut price of only $4.99, iStopMotion for iPad comes with pretty much everything you need: camera overlay, instant playback, timeline, and export options that make sharing movie masterpieces with friends and family simple.

Kirk Hiner


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