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When the Fellowship of the Ring (for non-fans of the famous Lord of the Rings story, the Fellowship includes Frodo Baggins, Sam Gamgee, Merry Brandybuck, Pippin Took, Grandalf the Grey, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Boromir) goes on a journey through the Mines of Moria, they hope to get through undetected. But one little mistake could be the end of all of them. Watch Gyromatic’s iStopMotion film above and see what unexpected foes the Fellowship encounters on their journey.

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As we enter one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year, it's always a bit comforting to know it's not ALL long lines and crowded stores, and this is especially true on Cyber Monday. Well we're not ones to just sit around and not take part in all the fun! Boinx is happy to announce we'll be offering some great Cyber Monday deals as well. But act fast! They'll be over before you know it - at the end of today to be exact. Here's what we've got in store for you:

iStopMotion for iPad is ideal for turning that new iPad or iPad mini into your own movie studio and creating that next blockbuster featuring your other holiday gifts! And the whole family can join in the production or, at least, line the red carpet on opening night. And now is the right time to save. Buy iStopMotion for iPad today at just 4.99 USD (normally 9.99 USD).

iStopMotion 3 for Mac is the stop motion animation and time lapse power house with virtual sets, green screen, tilt-shift filter and many more goodies. The perfect gift for every Mac user, from the enthusiastic three-year old to the video professional. Buy iStopMotion 3 for Mac today at just 19.99 USD (normally 49.99 USD).

Making great clay models for animation is easier than you think with the Ani-Mats Guide Book. Mark Boylan, who runs animation workshops and parties in the UK, invented the ani-mats as a clever cross between easy to follow step-by-step instructions for funny clay characters and a table mat for protection against the grease from the clay. Together with Mark, we've compiled the best character blueprints into this really nice iBook. (Requires an iPad 2 or newer, including iPad mini). Buy the Ani-Mats Guide Book today at just 1.99 USD (normally 9.99 USD).

Happy cyber-shopping to all!

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Today is Thanksgiving day, and whether or not you celebrate (hey, not even all of us here at Boinx celebrate, but that's ok!), it's always nice to take some time out and remember what we're thankful for. For us, we're thankful to be a part of this fast-paced world of creative technology, for all of our awesome customers, and for great reviews and useful tutorials of Boinx products. Here's a nice one we recently came across on FotoMagico 4 written by Sean McCormack on Pixiq:

"Fotomagico is really straightforward to use, I didn't need to look at the manual to find out anything specific to get it all going. Obviously I'm computer literate, but there certainly wasn't anything taxing about creating the slideshow. As to going further and getting to the amazing stuff that's visible in the demo slideshow, that'll take more than I've covered in a simple review. That's the beauty of it. A few minutes will create a quick slideshow, while spending more time will allow the creation of something far more epic. If you're truly looking for something that gives fantastic control over your slideshows, I've no hesitation in recommending Fotomagico 4."

Check out the slideshow Sean made above in just a few quick moments - great work, Sean!

Read Pixiq's full review and tutorial of FotoMagico 4!

Thanks to everyone on the Boinx team, all of our loyal fans and everyone else in between for making our jobs a little bit more fun every day! No matter what you celebrate, we hope your day is awesome!

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Back when we were kids, we watched our favorite animated TV shows and movies in awe, wondering how the magic of animation was even possible. One of the oldest forms of animation, which has been making a big comeback over the last few years, is stop motion animation – better known to some as claymation. Animators have been using it for years and years, bringing inanimate objects magically to life. Some people are content watching this small phenomenon on the screen. Others (like us here at Boinx) have this unquenchable need to go behind the scenes and be a part of the magic. Also in the latter camp are the Animation Chefs.

The Animation Chefs are four brothers on a mission to make animation as well as visual media in general the norm. They discovered the power of animation eight years ago and haven’t stopped since. Today, they host their own website, which features all the Animation Chefs webisodes, behind-the-scenes footage, and secret recipes. They also teach an animation class for kids at a local gymnastics center. Oh, and did we mention the Animation Chefs essentially ARE kids? Yup, from ages eight to 18, the Chefs are four brothers, teaching their own peers AND adults the art of animation. So, how do a couple of unsuspecting brothers become the stars of their own web series?

We made a holiday video for our family about eight years ago. Our mom and dad helped us animate some Rudolph the Reindeer paper cutouts, made from our own drawings. It was a big hit when we sent out the DVD Christmas cards that year,” the Chefs tell us. “A teacher at school also allowed us to submit a short animation instead of an essay for a project in history class. So we also got into animation because it was another way to get good grades. Since then, we've used animation for YouTube thank you cards, birthday wishes, and more school assignments.

After a few years of animating, in 2006, the guys needed something to replace the Lunchbox Synch their dad got for them on loan from a friend. That’s when they discovered iStopMotion. “iStopMotion was a breakthrough product for us then, just as the app is now for the iPad. It allowed us to do stop motion on our Mac laptop without all the overhead of monitors and Lunchbox.

Six years, 34 YouTube videos (and counting), and over 10,000 Twitter followers later, the Chefs are well on their way to becoming the next big Internet sensation. Their videos are a fresh mix of informative and witty content, and they clearly have an intuitive understanding of the television industry. Episodes even include special segments, like Pot-O-Problems – where the Chefs are challenged to create an animation out of miscellaneous objects pulled out of a pot – and Slap Me With An App, where they feature an iOS app (like iStopMotion for iPad!). And it’s all in the family, too. Mom and Dad are the producers.

The Animation Chef’s dad used to work in the television industry, which may account for some of their industry savvy, but that doesn’t mean they’re using him as a crutch – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. “Our dad is more excited for us to create our own audience online with our own site than pitching this to television or other mass media outlets,” the Chef-brothers tell us. “We have seen many artists, musicians, and animators create an audience without having to go through mass media channels. So we are starting small and growing our own audience, making them happy, producing great stuff, and getting their permission to send them more stuff. We have big plans for next season, and for products and detailed lessons we would like to sell on our website. We hope to use the proceeds for college. We are in this for the long haul.

For the Animation Chefs, iStopMotion has played a big role in their ability to produce animated content. “We use iStopMotion for everything, both on the iPad and on a MacBook Pro,” they say. “The iPad changes everything. On the iPad version, we love using our iPhone as the camera and the iPad as the capture device. We have Wi-Fi at the house, so we have been able to clip the camera to the ceiling for certain shots and use the iPad for remote picture taking. This is by far our favorite feature of the iPad version of iStopMotion. Other than that, just the simplicity of iStopMotion is invaluable. ‘What app do you use’ is the most-asked question by parents. You know the answer.

Their latest iStopMotion endeavor is Episode 5 of their web series, featuring Godzilla vs. Justin Bieber – an animation challenge from the Pot-O-Problems, which took the chefs about 50 hours to complete! Animated with the use of iStopMotion and After Effects and their biggest episode yet, the fifth installment of the series also features a short movie done by local kids with the help of Animation Chefs. They used their brand new green screen to film the children slaying a dragon. Check out the hilarious episode above or on the website, and be sure to check out the Members’ area for behind-the-scenes footage – simply enter your email address in the field provided in the site to receive all the goodies before anyone else!

The Chefs clearly love what they do and are good at it - exemplifying passion and skill one rarely sees in the younger crowd. But animating is only half their story. “We hope that we can inspire other kids to use all these cool digital tools and devices to do more than just play games or text. We think telling stories visually, making movies, and being distributors is the future,” said the Animation Chefs. “Kids get this already, so we'd like to be the reason parents, educators, and other learning outlets turn to visual media production as a basic skill. Like reading and writing. Our dad says iStopMotion is like a pencil. It's another tool we can use to express our ideas and ourselves.

It is such an amazing thing to have an idea in your head, to produce it as a movie, send it out to the world, and find all sorts of people who love what we do and, more importantly, do what we do.

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J.R. Bookwalter of MacLife took a good, long look at FotoMagico 4, and here is (some of) what he has to say about it:

"Previous versions of FotoMagico offered a simplistic Storyboard mode, with each individual image appearing as a slide-like icon of equal size, regardless of the length of time it would appear. While this might have make for a cleaner way to work, it wasn’t very intuitive for advanced users, so Boinx added a second method: Timeline.

Timeline displays photos and videos as horizontal clips that expand and contract as you adjust their length, with a small tab that overlaps adjoining clips when you insert a transition between them. It’s a bit like video-editing software, complete with audio tracks that appear as a waveform, making it easier to sync images to a soundtrack.

Our favorite new feature in FotoMagico 4 is Audio Marker, which allows the length of individual slides to automatically adjust to markers placed on the audio track. Rather than tediously adjusting the length of each slide by hand, users simply click play and tap the “M” key to place a marker wherever you want the next slide to start."

Check out MacLife's full review of FotoMagico 4 here!

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Photographer and app reviewer, Juli Clover of App Advice checked out FotoMagico 4, and was pleasantly surprised with what she found. "Creating a slideshow with FotoMagico 4 was incredibly simple. I went into this review thinking I would have to spend serious time going over instructions and directions since I don’t make a lot of slideshows, but that was not the case."

"With FotoMagico 4, you can create impressive, gorgeous slideshows that look professionally put together, even if you’re an amateur computer user. The app is so intuitive and simple to use that you can open it up and create a complex photo show within a half an hour.

It does come with a demo slideshow that you’ll want to open up and check out to see all of the impressive things that it can do.

This app is the perfect solution for professional and aspiring photographers. You can whip up amazing slideshows of your photos for clients with no hassle at all, and then share them in a variety of ways."

Read App Advice's full review of FotoMagico 4 here!

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Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain range in South Australia – so large that only FotoMagico’s pan and zoom effect could begin to encompass it’s magnificence. Melbourne, Australia resident Barry Povey went to the Flinders Ranges to explore the beauty around him and created a slideshow with FotoMagico 4 to put the ranges on display for all to see. He even incorporates stunning paintings of his surroundings into the slideshow for a truly surreal effect.

I have upgraded from FotoMagico 3 and am exploring new features and how I might use them. Here is my first YouTube video using the share facility within FotoMagico,” Barry says. “Wow. It was so easy… It is a simple presentation. I just loved how easy it is now to insert audio markers so precisely."

Barry is an enthusiastic photographer occupying retired life with photography and associated technologies as well as time exploring the spaciousness of "outback" Australia. Lucky Barry!! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

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With the recent release of the iPad mini and iPad fourth generation, we of course couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest tablets from Apple. As soon as we configured the devices, we loaded them up with iStopMotion for iPad and took them to the streets – or actually, to the fields – where we had a little iStopMotion for iPad faceoff!

Bastian and crew set the iPads up, strapping the iPad mini in with their special “patented” rubber stand. Queue the Bavarian sunset timelapse. Watch the video above to see how the iPad mini “stacks up” to its big brother, the iPad. You can see that the colors appear quite different, and the iPad mini has a larger aperture angle. So, which would you prefer? iPad mini or iPad fourth gen.? You be the judge! Either way it’s a win-win, since iStopMotion for iPad works on either one! Enjoy :)

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Tej Babra, Art of the Guillotine, got down with FotoMagico 4 recently, and wrote about it in his tech blog!

"Ever wanted to make a slide for a presentation, but always found the programs to do so were either not powerful enough or just overkill? Well this is where FotoMagico 4 fits in. This tool was designed by photographers for photographers, from the company known as Boinx Software. FotoMagico 4 has the ability to add various formats from stills to Quicktime videos all into one timeline and easily share them. The UI resembles other NLE systems which is a huge bonus, making jumping into the program a breeze.

After spending a few moments with FotoMagico 4 I was able to assemble a quick presentation in a matter of a few clicks. It is incredibly easy to do, thereby making it a very powerful tool to use. Upon launching the program you are even greeted with a short video tutorial on how the program works.

....FotoMagico 4 is quite simply the best slideshow program I have used to date. It is a pleasure to use. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and very powerful. It helps produce slideshows in seconds what used to take me forever. This tool was definitely created by photographers for photographers, because it absolutely excels where all else have failed."

Thanks, Tej! Read the full review here.

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So, you just waited in line for hours for the iPad mini (ok, maybe you didn't...) or it just arrived on your doorstep. What to do now?? Download iStopMotion for iPad 1.5, of course! Boinx's stop motion animation app just got an upgrade in time for the release of Apple's fun-sized tablet - and there are no lines necessary. Find out what's new in iStopMotion for iPad 1.5:

Support for the iPad mini: iStopMotion for iPad is ready for action on the brand new iPad mini. Enjoy creating stop motion animations the moment your iPad mini arrives.

Blank Frames: Users can easily insert a black or white frame into a clip by tapping and holding the capture button to open the menu options.

Even More Ways to Share: iStopMotion for iPad animations uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox can be shared instantly with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo (iOS 6 only).

Accessories Page: Get the most out of iStopMotion for iPad with the new built-in Accessories page, which showcases products useful in combination with the stop motion animation app.

iStopMotion Remote Camera Updated: iStopMotion for iPad's free companion app has also been updated with bug fixes and support for the iPad mini and iPhone 5. With improved Wi-Fi networking capabilities, image capturing is faster than ever.

iStopMotion for iPad 1.5 Pricing and Availability
iStopMotion for iPad 1.5 is now available from the App Store for 9.99 USD or as a free upgrade for existing users. Its companion app, iStopMotion Remote Camera, is also available now from the App Store for free.

Happy animating to all!

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