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It’s no secret that just about every adult in the world has to work in order to get by. And while some people are lucky enough to have a job that they love and are passionate about, it is not the case for all. Mate Racz was in the latter camp, so he decided to do something about it. He launched an Indiegogo campaign to alter his life course in the hopes of becoming a professional artist, writing:

You know the drill, right? But a few months ago, I started to feel that I'm gonna lose my sanity. Why do I have to waste my life? Why do I have to waste my boundless creativity and playfulness? I've just had enough. I need to do something that makes me really happy, and I could forge my creativity with.

So I locked up myself in a room and promised to stay there until I find out what I really want to do in the remainder of my life. Overwhelmed with a great flow of thoughts, and a few pencils around, I remember to having sat down, and just started to draw. When I stood up after like 6-8 hours of drawing, I realized this is the change I was desperately looking for. This is my home. To become the pencil I hold, the lines I draw.

If you’re feeling inspired to help Mate’s dream come true, head on over to his Indiegogo campaign page to donate. He’s got some pretty sweet perks, including original artwork and the opportunity to have your own unique mural painted!

Mate created the above time-lapse video of him in his creative process using iStopMotion for iPad.

"I made my first iStopMotion video for a crowdfunding campaign, on Indiegogo, to be exact, in order to be able to expand my art and become a full-time artist,” Mate tells us. “I definitely did not know that it is sooo hard to make one, but on the other hand it was a lot of fun! Hope you'll enjoy!"

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by Megan - -

If you’re like me (and most of the other 130 million active monthly Instagram users out there), you probably Instagram pictures of things like sunsets, food and friends (admit it, it’s mostly food). And with the latest addition of videos to the Instagram feed, the app is more fun and capable than ever. You don’t need stop motion animation anymore, right? WRONG!!! Watch the video above to find out why. (Note: iStopMotion was not used to create this animation).

The guys from Friends in Faux are proving that stop motion animation is still pretty darn cool. They took over a thousand pictures (1,556 to be exact), loaded them into Instagram, then took pictures of THOSE pictures, adding in some “real world” elements – specifically, a finger that interacts with the man in the Instagram photos. Okay, okay, so maybe this isn’t your run-of-the-mill stop motion animation, but it’s quite impressive and fun to watch. And when it comes to your choice of photo and video apps, the answer isn’t always black and white (seriously, there’s also Mayfair, Lo-Fi, Toaster…alright, we’ll stop!).

Find out how you can make your own stop motion animations with iStopMotion for iPad or the Mac. Watch the making of Instagramimation here.

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Since Nintendo first introduced us to the world of Pokémon in the year 1996, it has grown to be the second most popular media franchise in the business, behind only Nintendo’s own Mario franchise. One can imagine why the anime series would be such a hit, offering everything from games and trading cards to a wildly popular television series and more. Pokémon has a serious following of millions who are passionate about the fictional universe of “Pocket Monsters.” So when we recently came across an iStopMotion film animating this fascinating world and the act of Poké-battles, we, too, were quite amazed.

The film, “Pokemon Stadium Stop Motion: Haruhi vs Kuroyukihime,” was created by recent high school grad Christopher Crompton. “My love for Pokémon inspired me to create the film. I've always imagined what a Pokémon battle would look like using real objects instead of CGI or cartoons.

Luckily for us, we no longer have to wonder what that would look like – and our minds are blown. Even more so after finding out that this was Christopher’s very first time using iStopMotion – or any stop motion animation application for that matter “I found out about iStopMotion through one of my friends who suggested it to me,” Christopher says. “He knew I was looking to improve my stop motions and that I owned a Mac. My favorite features of iStopMotion are onion skinning and the ability to export as frames or video.

Christopher will be a freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology this fall studying film and animation. He will be specializing in stop motion films. We don’t think he’ll have to get into any Poké-battles to get all A's!

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by Megan - -

As promised, Chris Yates joined StudioTech TV on Tuesday night to explain how he uses BoinxTV to plug into major networks and broadcast live with them right from his home office / studio. As an aviation expert, Yates has been called on frequently to comment on some of the latest headlines that have been breaking around the world. He joined Mark Johnson and Vance Willis to discuss his set up as well as why he chose BoinxTV to facilitate these broadcasts. He jumps into explaining BoinxTV at around the 35 minute mark.

Find out more about how Chris uses BoinxTV with networks like the BBC and Sky News.

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by Megan - -

As one might imagine, Chris Yates, an aviation analyst and regular talking head for stations like the BBC and CNN, has been called in for comment quite frequently as of late. With major headline events including the growing list of Boeing Dreamliner calamities, the Snowden saga, and, most recently, the tragic San Francisco plane crash, Chris has been on call around the clock. “Within the past fourteen days I've used the Boinx TV software to enable live appearances on the BBC, SKY News, Al Jazeera and Russia Today,” Chris tells us.

While the events that brought him on the air have been quite unfortunate, Chris is thankful he’s had BoinxTV to help him get there, saying that he would not be able to broadcast live immediately without this software capability. Because of his interest in BoinxTV, Chris will have the opportunity to join StudioTech tomorrow (Tuesday, July 16th) to discuss and demonstrate the program’s capabilities. StudioTech TV delivers live and recorded content globally from studios in the UK and Eastern USA, with a specific focus on hardware and software enabling live streaming online and for broadcast. A significant number of viewers tune in to catch up on the latest developments each week and otherwise consume some 40,000 video views each month.

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday July 16, 2013 from 1900-2000 BST (2000-2100 CEST / 2-3pm EDT), to learn more about BoinxTV and to find out how Chris is using it to broadcast live with major networks around the world, right from his home office.

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Wow – we are so impressed by the amazing success App Camp for Girls has seen with its Indiegogo campaign, which was launched just over a month ago. The AC4G team, lead by developer Jean MacDonald, reached their goal of $50,000 in just three days, and are now at $76,658 (and counting!). They held a “beta” camp session from June 24-28, and are happy to report it was a great week. Though App Camp for Girls has happily surpassed its original goal, they have just announced an additional (unofficial) goal for this last stretch of the campaign to raise $100,000. We think they can do it - but they need your help!

The Camp’s Indiegogo page reads: “With the additional funds, we will accelerate our plans and expand the program beyond Portland in Summer 2014. Help us decide. When we make our new goal of $100,000, where should App Camp For Girls go next? Let us know in your comments!Visit the page now to weigh in.

There is no question that there is a serious need for this program. In an interview with The New Yorker, Jean commented that they had to turn down almost 100 girls looking to join the camp. The parents are loving App Camp for Girls, too! In the Indiegogo update, one parent says, “My daughter had a terrific time and was so inspired! Your camp has solidified her interest in a career as a computer programmer.

Read AC4G’s latest Indiegogo page update to find out all the progress they have made with this initiative and to donate today! Your donation makes a huge difference. And if that’s not quite enough to convince you, check out the long list of perks you’ll receive for making a donation, starting at just $5!

Still not convinced?? Or maybe you are and you just want to follow every move App Camp for Girls is making like we do… They’ve been covered by some pretty impressive outlets. Here are just a few:

A Summer Camp for Making Apps, Not Friendship Bracelets, The New Yorker
KATU News Visits App Camp for Girls Beta Session
App Camp Founder, Jean MacDonald, Helps Girls Learn Software Development Skills, The Huffington Post
Jean and Kelly on Chuck Joiner’s Mac Voices

Okay then, time to go donate!


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Have you ever sat down, put a pen to paper, and just wrote down all the thoughts pouring out of your head? It can be almost therapeutic emptying out the clutter in a stream of consciousness. This is exactly what artist Melanie Page did to create her film “We Are So Small.” This concept of “automatic writing” was championed by surrealist André Breton, the founding father of Surrealism.

This consisted of two separate sessions in which I sat for around 20 minutes and wrote down my stream of consciousness,” Melanie tells us. “It’s a really great way of giving yourself parameters within which to develop a theme or narrative for an artwork.

Once she had her narrative down, Melanie got to work on her set pieces. She says, “I spent a long time creating the sets I used in the animation, and was very interested in using 2D cut outs to develop a very specific look to the project. I paid particular attention to the use of space and enjoyed dreaming up the various ways in which I could utilize the text as imagery.

The film has such a simple and beautiful quality to it that’s complimented quite nicely with the background ambient noises of birds chirping and a breeze flowing through. While the accompanying sound is soft, the minimalistic soundtrack speaks volumes when paired with Melanie’s quirky 2D cutouts and animated poetry.

I am an artist that dabbles in many mediums and I am constantly looking for new ways to satisfy my creative outlets,” Melanie says. “I have previously created short video profile pieces but this was my very first time experimenting with animation. I like the traditional old style of animation and wanted to recreate that effect with this piece.

Melanie created “We Are So Small” using a Canon EOS 60D and iStopMotion on a MacBook Pro, then used Final Cut Pro for post production. She tells us, “I discovered iStopMotion through a friend who had previously used it. When I asked around for suggestions of reasonably priced but effective animation software, iStopMotion was the best option. I have used other video editing software, but nothing at all like this before.

From concept development and set creation to filming and postproduction, Melanie did a fantastic job with this film! The animation consists of 2,672 frames and took two months from concept to final production to create.

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by Oliver - -

A short film by Brent Bernasconi about how change can be the most difficult and best thing to happen to a person and those around them.

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All papers are in, tests are graded, report cards have gone home and yearbooks have been signed. That’s right folks, the end of another school year. You know what that means don’t you? Now it’s the teachers’ turns to get out and play! That’s exactly what they did at last week’s International Society for Technology in Education conference (that’s a mouthful – we prefer “ISTE”), which was held in San Antonio, Texas from June 23-26. The hardworking teachers got to get their hands on some of the latest technology available for educators, including iStopMotion for iPad!

As major proponents for using technology in education, Boinx was there to showcase our stop motion animation app, as well as to speak with educators about how they can incorporate these technologies into their curricula. We had the awesome opportunity to co-exhibit with our friends from Freshi Media (that’s Freshi like Fresh-Eye!). At Freshi Media, their goal is to introduce digital filmmaking, animation and video game design and development to children, K-12. They’ve got an amazing program, and we strongly encourage you all to check them out. Freshi even offers stop motion animation courses, using none other than iStopMotion!

The conference was quite the success, and we had a wonderful time chatting with so many enthusiastic educators who are passionate about keeping their classrooms ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. We even had the opportunity to speak with some teachers who are already using iStopMotion for Mac or iPad in the classroom, and it was so rewarding to hear their stories. If you were at ISTE, we hope you had as good a time as we did. If you weren’t, no worries! Feel free to email us at [email protected] for information on our educational pricing or for more information on how to incorporate our different software offerings into your curriculum.

Plus, here’s some additional information on BoinxTV and iStopMotion in the classroom.

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by Megan - -

We met Melissa Fisher at last year’s CUE conference, where she first learned about (and immediately downloaded) iStopMotion for iPad. She, like us, was extremely excited about the many possibilities the app offered in the classroom. “I returned and showed it to a few students in fifth grade,” Melissa recalls. “It was an exciting thing for them. They then showed up during their recess time to play and create their own project.

Melissa teaches technology and digital arts to kindergartners through fifth graders, as well as exploratory or elective classes to middle school students. Her school, the Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School in Northridge, California, is fortunate enough to have a number of iPads available to the students, allowing for greater technology integration in the classroom. “This also means that we bounce back and forth from the desktop Macs to the iPads for projects, with the students sometimes bringing their iPads into the lab for guided lessons and additional assistance, bridging the gap between lab and classroom that is often seen at schools.”

This past trimester, Melissa chose to introduce her sixth and seventh graders to the art of stop motion animation using iStopMotion for iPad. (Oh, how I wish MY teachers let US use iStopMotion for iPad in the classroom. Oh wait, iPads didn’t exist…). Using a projection screen to display what was happening on the iPad, she demoed the app to her class, running through the creation of a scene, setting up blocking, showing how to delete frames, and so on. She didn’t go overboard on instructions, however, sensing how intuitive the software is and knowing her students would master it in no time. She left them to get started, saying, “My students couldn't get their hands on their iPads fast enough. For those that weren't quite ready to begin shooting scenes, they couldn't stop talking about getting started. The app was not overly complicated, so what they thought at first might be difficult was suddenly very doable. As a result, their excitement increased.”

“My students learned about the entire production process from concept generation/script writing and storyboarding to character development/creation to blocking, filming with iStopMotion on their iPads and the final edit,” Melissa continued. “The process was a true learning experience for them. They had to try their big ideas and see if they would work and if they could complete them in the time allotted. As a result, my students have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In fact, I have already been requested to teach the same exploratory next year.

"Making 'The Plant Revolution' was the most fun thing I've ever done with technology in school, and my first actual stop motion project," says Lucas L. of his classroom experience with iStopMotion. "iStopMotion is one of the best movie-making apps I've ever used, and although I don't have iStopMotion on a device at home, it has inspired me to work more with stop motion animation."

Melissa summarizes her classroom experience with iStopMotion for iPad saying, “Although my students learned just how difficult and time consuming character creation and stop motion can be, in regards to the technology aspect of our class, iStopMotion for iPad is so user friendly that I believe it greatly aided in my students' success.” Emma, another of Melissa's students who had the privilege of being able to animate in the classroom, enjoyed using iStopMotion for iPad, saying, "I found it really, really easy to use."

Watch the video above – a stop motion animation of (in my personal opinion) one of the greatest music videos of all time – plus see more of what Melissa’s students have created here.

Showing Off Our Educational Prowess
Attending the ISTE conference this year? Boinx will be there with our friends from Freshi Media, demoing the latest version of iStopMotion for iPad. Check us out at booth 4281 in Hall D for more information. Hope to see you there!

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