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by Oliver - -

This is the last post to the Chronicles.

After almost 10 years, the old Boinx blogging platform is ripe for retirement. Over the last couple of months, we built a new platform and today, we are restarting the Boinx Blog under a new URL and with new gusto!

Go to the new Blog.

Posts from 2004 to today will remain available on this site for reference and permalinks will continue to work.

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by Megan - -

What better way to share a story than through music? 10-year-old Amelie Devlin, with the help of her father, used iStopMotion to recreate Aidan Gibbons’ beautiful animation, “The Piano”. The animation is about an old man sharing his life with his grandchild through music. Amelie took a creative spin on her iStopMotion remix of the video, using Playmobil figures, plasticine and lots of blue-tak. It was filmed on an iPhone 4S and then was finalized using an iPad 2. We think Amelie’s new take on the animation is awesome!

Check out Amelie’s “The Piano 2” above!

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by Megan - -

Another day, another science demo from Dr. Term T. Bowman Ph.D. of Boinx Labs. This time, the Doctor is taking a closer look at the strange phenomenon that is American Football.

"We were watching the Super Bowl yesterday and we saw problem – they carry around the ball with their hand all the time," Dr. Bowman reports. "So, we made a lot of science and experiment. If you want to see the research we did, just take a look at this Apple TV prototype and you understand the problem."

He continues: "So, we were thinking about, why do they carry that around in their hand all the time, and we came up with a pretty simple solution. The ball is the wrong shape for the foot - so we made better shape. We made the shape better to play with the foot."

Watch Dr. Bowman's full experiment above and the hilarity that ensues. Got any other pressing issues that need solving? Comment below and we'll get straight to work in the Boinx Labs!



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