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by Achim - -

For the new "You Gotta See This!" release we want to make sure that the app generates high quality output on every iOS device out there. To accomplish this, we needed to measure the Field of view for them. We collected as many different iOS devices we could get, piled them up in our Boinx Labs and started measuring the angle with high tech equipment like a boxed version of WebObjects and Freefall, an early version of a satellite viewing screensaver, as well as a folding rule and a laser distance meter. Here are our results:

DeviceFOVModel ID

iPhone 4 Back53,1iPhone3,1
iPhone 4 Front53,8
iPhone 4s back54,9iPhone4,1
iPhone 4s front55,0
iPhone 5 Back56,3iPhone5,1
iPhone 5 Front54,2

iPod 4g Back44,9iPod4,1
iPod 4g Front54,3
iPod 5g Back55,8iPod5,1
iPod 5g Front53,8

iPad 2 back44,3iPad2,1
iPad 2 front54,5
iPad 3 back54,3iPad3,1
iPad 3 front54,8
iPad 4 back54,3iPad3,4
iPad 4 front54,4
iPad mini back56,0iPad2,5
iPad mini front54,6

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by Megan - -

We all look to the “next generation” for innovative ideas, mind-blowing developments, and visionary leaders. But when it comes to driving them towards success, some of us take a backseat, hoping they don’t crash along the way. Spy Hop, a nonprofit youth media arts and education center whose mission is to mentor young people in the digital media arts, has hopped in the driver’s seat and is ready to put the pedal to the metal. Launched in 1999 to help youth find their voice, tell stories, and feel empowered, Spy Hop strives to affect positive change in the lives of their students, their communities, and the world through multimedia education.

“We exist because we believe the next generation has a lot to say. And, we believe that, when armed with awareness and knowledge, youth can speak more articulately and with greater impact,” said Virginia Pearce, Director of Marketing & Community Programs at Spy Hop. “Our afterschool and community programs empower the next generation of media makers to speak for themselves in a way that creates positive change in their lives.”

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Spy Hop provides safe and high-quality programming for K-12 youth outside school hours. They work closely with their students to foster a personal and artistic expression through the use of emerging technologies, media arts, and by sharing their love for the arts. From writing to editing, Spy Hop is a unique, one stop shop for young people of all backgrounds to actively engage in producing their own narratives. Each year Spy Hop mentors over 2,000 students in developing 21st century educational and workplace readiness skills, while increasing media literacy, personal awareness, and a sense of community.

One of the most enjoyable parts of their class series for both Spy Hop instructors and youth alike is the stop animation workshops. With kid-friendly characters like mermaids and dragons, and the easy-to-use software iStopMotion, kids as young as four write, direct, and star in their own short films. But the process wasn’t always so easy for the team at Spy Hop who, until recently, did not have software that was easy for their students to use. While browsing the tech world for something that would allow their summer claymation classes to appeal to the younger kids, a friend from a local youth organization suggested they try out Boinx Software’s iStopMotion. The match was kismet and the team never looked back.

“We use iStopMotion as a storytelling technique for several different kinds of classes,” said Adam Sherlock, one of Spy Hop’s instructors. “From summer camp workshops with elementary-age students that are just fun, wacky, creative claymation movies, to social skills PSAs with youth from group homes who are in the state’s custody and can't show their faces on camera, iStopMotion is a great way [for them] to access their creativity. Even students as young as five and six are able to grasp fairly complex notions regarding distance of movement and speed.”

One of the greatest features for kids is the instant gratification they get from using iStopMotion. The playback feature lets the children see the animations their pictures create immediately – a process that otherwise takes hours. But for the teachers at Spy Hop, a different feature stands out.

“The interface and onion skinning features mean that I can teach the program in less than five minutes and then get out of the way, letting students work for hours on their own project and give them the satisfaction that they have done it all on their own.”

From summer animation workshops to community programs, weekly classes to ANIMATIONLAND (an interactive booth where kids can stop in for 10 minutes to make quick films), Spy Hop offers several options for students to get into the studio and go wild with their creativity, teaming up with local community organizations including the International Rescue Committee, Boys & Girls Group Home, and the County Library system, all of which help at-risk teens. With all of the great work they do, Spy Hop isn’t slowing down. Their newest program reaches out to refugees, making it easier for them to share their story.

“The easiest ways to get them engaged into telling their story is having them animate it using iStopMotion for iPad through paper animation. It doesn't take a lot of experience with software or technology and it is immediately engaging," said Pearce. "iStopMotion for iPad is particularly good for on-the-go projects because it is self-contained and needs no additional gear. The iPad acts as camera, computer, and editing bay once dropped into iMovie. It makes the process really painless. By being able to set up a stop motion studio wherever we go, using iStopMotion allows us to get set up quickly and get the kids engaged from the beginning.”

Spy Hop students have been featured at many prestigious festivals and contests such as the Los Angeles International Film Festival and GRAMMY Foundation MusiCares Teens Make Music Contest. With a passion for creativity and a love for teaching young people, Spy Hop has transformed digital media arts into a vehicle for free expression, self-discovery, critical thinking, and group participation; a vehicle that everyone wants to take for a spin.

To learn more about Spy Hop and the classes they offer, visit their website at www.spyhop.org and check out their Vimeo for all their fantastic student produced works.


Once Upon A Time Created by a 4 year old at a local festival. She filled in the “Mad Lib” story and created the video in about 15 minutes.

Dracula the Bully A project of the Boys & Girls Group home, this film was meant to explain bullying to a younger child.

Pigs vs. Dragons Created at a Spy Hop presentation to 40 kids and their parents. The camera was hung from the ceiling of the theatre, and strung a long cable to our laptop with iStopMotion. The kids wore hats with their characters on them.

Click here for a great explanation by a 7 year-old of how to use iStopMotion.

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by Megan - -

A large crowd and catchy band sets the stage for what seems to be a beautiful wedding along the water. But as the guests arrive for the joyous occasion, some uninvited creatures crash the party. Using his own original music mixed in Garageband, “The iPad Musician” Richard seamlessly tells the story of a day gone awry. With the iPad acting as a remote control, Richard used iStopMotion 3 to document the Lego wedding, citing that the “iPad remote camera setup meant [they] were able to leave the Mac where it was and [they] weren’t tripping over cables.” Taking well over 1,000 frames in seven hours, iStopMotion enabled an efficient and quick working platform. I wonder if there will be a honeymoon? To see more from Richard, visit his Vimeo channel or his Blogspot.

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by Megan - -

With a full-time job, loving wife, and rambunctious two-and-a-half-year-old twins often underfoot, most would be surprised to hear that Bert Guroff makes time for art. But after work is done for the day, the toys have been cleaned up, and little heads are resting on pillows, he retreats to the basement to experiment, practice, and create.

“Family and my job are my top day-to-day priorities,” Guroff tells us. “Cut-paper collage, time-lapse and stop-motion photography are hobbies I pursue as the rest of life allows.” Luckily, life does allow.

Ever since he was young, Guroff has been interested in stop-motion animation. Early on, he was inspired by a very unusual source. “There was a great commercial with Raisinettes dancing around circa 1986,” reminisced Guroff, “that inspired my cousin and I to fuss with a cassette-based camcorder trying to create something of similar quality. The results were totally abysmal, but I suppose that experience and the level of difficulty stuck with me.”

Not only was Guroff intrigued by the “cheeky and cool” personalities of the dried up grapes, but he also admired the production company because of the “real bravado [they showed] by kicking all the other snacks to the curb with an advanced and flawless stop-motion advertising approach.” Once he got his hands on the only tools he had access to at the time, he found the difficulty in creating his own stop-motion masterpieces quite baffling.

“The time and patience required, the repetitious nature of the process, the challenge of keeping your set pristine and camera motionless throughout, multiple characters moving simultaneously in tiny increments, how many takes it would require to get it just right. The commercial showed me not only the unlimited range of opportunity stop-motion provided, but also the high hurdles to entry and success. Of course, this was just on the cusp of the computing revolution.”

But Guroff’s interest in stop-motion never waned and as he explored other artistic mediums, he discovered there was a promising way to combine an early love with his current one: cut-paper collage.

“I was first messing around with collage, [when] I realized that the process was well suited to time-lapse photography. Without time-lapse, all the patient cutting and white-knuckled gluing that went into these little cut-paper characters and other projects I had made was lost. I saw time-lapse as a way to capture and preserve all the work that I had invested.”

Guroff realized that the audiences that view his paper creations might appreciate them more if they knew all of the time and effort that went into their execution, as well as appreciating the stop-motion simultaneously. It was a way to deliver dual art projects in one seamless video. Originally experimenting with iMovie to bring his new projects to life, Guroff found it lacking critical elements. After some time scouring the Internet, he met Boinx and its iStopMotion animation software. The two have been friends ever since.

“I've never used another stop-motion software. It's been all I've needed. It was ridiculously easy to learn and allowed me to focus on cut-paper creations, while simultaneously generating easy-to-manipulate stop-motion footage.”

Recently, Guroff created a promotional video using iStopMotion for his first art show. Paired with his wife’s photography, his collages are currently on display at Three Sisters on the East Side of Providence, RI. He shot a frame every six seconds to showcase the installation, then trimmed and timed the resulting footage to produce a three-minute film on a tight timeline.

“iStopMotion allows me to add additional depth to my work. For example, collage is glued-down and motionless, but there's a whole history to each piece that involves a great deal of motion and metamorphosis – documenting that behind-the-scenes activity can be rewarding for the artist and an audience.”

The future is bright for Guroff who is exploring new avenues for his work – animated narrative shorts using cut-paper “human” characters and an online storefront. But with a growing family, he may have to put his artistic aspirations on hold. He quipped, “Maybe when my kids determine that I'm not so cool anymore, they'll put me out to pasture, and I'll have all the time I'll need.”

Be sure to check out Bert Guroff’s art exhibition now through March 14 in Providence, RI and a growing archive of stop-motion videos on his YouTube channel.

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by Oliver - -

Recently, Oliver went on a short skiing trip to Oberjoch, Bavaria, Germany. The snow cats were pretty busy at night preparing the runs. The time lapse was made with iStopMotion for iPad and edited in Final Cut Pro.

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by Megan - -

You Gotta See This! collage taken by our very own, Oliver Breidenbach!

You Gotta See This! is back and better than ever – because what’s better than free? And if that isn’t quite enough, You Gotta See This! version 3 now utilizes new algorithms to improve image capturing, with updated parameters for all supported devices’ cameras, resulting in more beautiful collages. When it comes to smartphone photography Apps, there are only so many filters one can use in all those other Apps, and there is only so much one can do with a filter. With You Gotta See This! from Boinx Software, iPhoneography enthusiasts can truly capture their surroundings and create intriguing compositions with their iPhones or iPads. Sick of staring at other people’s pictures of their mediocre fare at the local diner? Show them what real smartphone photo art looks like, with You Gotta See This!

Have you ever tried to explain a breathtaking sight to someone, only to give up and tell them, “You just had to be there!”? You Gotta See This! solves a problem that ordinary pictures can’t - and goes further still. By arranging panoramic shots into one amazing collage, the results are unlike anything else. With You Gotta See This!, iPhoneographers create artful images that truly capture the essence of a time and place.

You Gotta See This! Version 3 Made Possible With Support From iAds Sponsors
By making You Gotta See This! free, we are making it both more valuable and more accessible to more people,” says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. “Developing an App like You Gotta See This! is not an easy or cheap task. We hope that people reward us for our work by recognizing the sponsors whose ads are displayed sporadically in a non-intrusive way. For Boinx Software, this is an experimental foray into this new business model, and we are looking forward to seeing if it works as a way to finance development of new Apps in the future.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
With You Gotta See This!, there’s no sight too big. By slowly moving the device around in 3D space to capture the surrounding magnificence, no detail is missed. And now in version 3, You Gotta See This! images are more beautiful than ever. Using the iPhone or iPad’s gyroscope technology, You Gotta See This! determines the camera’s orientation while you record, positioning the images it takes accordingly on a flat surface to create spatial collages. Then, users can choose from a variety of themes to create unique, one-of-a-kind images. Inspired by the artist David Hockney, You Gotta See This! images create a beautiful representation of the chosen subject matter, going beyond the typical photo to create something truly artistic.

You Gotta See This! is now available for free in the App Store, thanks to sponsor support from Apple iAds. You Gotta See This! requires an iPhone 4 (or newer), iPad 2 (or newer), iPad mini or an iPod touch (4th generation or newer).

So enjoy! And don't forget to tell all your friends and family, "You GOTTA See This!"

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by Megan - -

The world is in extreme danger and it doesn’t seem as if anyone can stop the alien invasion of Earth! Will the Lego citizens be able to fend off their galactic enemies or is the world as we know it one step away from becoming extinct? MegaSpaceFighter teases us with a trailer of its epic, upcoming cinematic experience. With the help of a Nikon D90, iStopMotion Express, and Final Cut Pro, we are transported to an alternate reality, hopefully not by UFO! MegaSpaceFighter cites the “simplicity and functionality” as the best attributes of using iStopMotion. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel and return for the heroic conclusion of Target Earth.

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by Megan - -

Film has never looked so delicious. From peeling bananas to slicing apples, this fruit salad can do it all. Through the use of iStopMotion for iPad and an empty stomach, the dream of self-preparing meals comes to life. Cam Bardell brings us a yummy display of the power of stop-motion. He says that the “app is loaded with features that are actually useful and easy to learn.” Now, if only we could teach our kitchen to do this for dinner.

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by Megan - -

Unless you have been living under a rock (no offense or anything), you’re probably already aware of the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon that has been sweeping the nation as of late. Seriously, EVERYONE is getting in on the fun these days, even Jeff Gordon and Pepsi. Needless to say, we were pretty excited when we saw our friend, Artismia with its famous Face Mugs joining in – courtesy of iStopMotion!

Watch in the above video as one rampant Mug ignites the Harlem Shake party. Even Artismia sculptor and owner, Brandon can be seen getting down in the back. Well, we’ve got to say, we think this is the best way to start off the weekend! We love a good dance party here at Boinx, just like the rest of you. So, what’s your take on the new dance craze? Will you be gathering your friends and family together this weekend to make one of your own? Already have one?! Whether you’re making your own video or simply scouring through the many already available to view on YouTube (that’s me), we think the Harlem Shake is one of the most fun and funniest phenomena to hit the scene lately. Happy Friday, shakers!

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by Megan - -

What started as a backyard barbecue for shutterbug enthusiasts to share their most recent work with colleagues and friends has exploded into a three-day photography extravaganza. The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is a celebration of photography, created by photographers, for those who share a passion for images frozen in time. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, LOOK3 aims to not only share the beauty of photographs with the world, but to also educate at the same time. With a jam-packed schedule comprised of exhibitions, interviews, presentations, and workshops, there is something for everyone.

Designed to bring together the international photography community, LOOK3 attracts thousands of attendees during its June festivities. Since the Festival’s inaugural beginning in 2007, it has grown to become one of the largest photography festivals in the United States. Hanging photographs from trees, projecting images in outdoor pavilions, and building galleries around town, Charlottesville is transformed into a photographer’s paradise. But while onlookers are only aware of the fun and excitement that occurs for three days, months of long nights and early mornings go into making the Festival a success. Jenna Pirog, Producer of the LOOK3 Festival, cites one thing that makes her life a little easier come festival time: FotoMagico.

“At the first LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in 2007, we used a different software to run the presentations in the historic Paramount Theater. At some point and for reasons unknown, the audio components to the show started playing out of sync from the visual components,” Pirog recalls. “We had to find software that would ensure all the components would lock together and play flawlessly at show time.”

Billed as “3 days of peace, love, and photography,” the Festival is designed to create opportunities for attendees and artists to inspire and be inspired, to share images and ideas. The Festival features exhibits and on-stage appearances of featured artists, as well as exhibitions, outdoor projections, workshops, and interviews. Galleries feature work from around the world while many artists have the opportunity to stand in front of a packed outdoor conservatory that’s seats over 3,000! With over 20 hours of video presentations displayed, there is no shortage of digital media. The LOOK3 team needed easy-to-use software that would keep media in sync across all systems and whose performance was worthy of the artwork it displayed.

“We needed a quick way to build shows for presentations that didn’t take too much time or cause too much stress,” Pirog said. “FotoMagico creates dynamic presentations with its ability to have multiple audio tracks and video layers. Having a flawless presentation from the perspective of the audience was really important to us, and with the Present Full Screen mode, the audience never needs to see the computer desktop start screens."

“FotoMagico has been a blessing for us,” said Jon Golden, photographer and founder of LOOK3. “I can’t imagine doing the Festival with any other product that does what we do with the ease that we need.”

Not only does the LOOK3 team use FotoMagico for all of their presentations, the featured artists use it as well to construct their photography presentations. The end result is a seamless, streamlined slideshow presentation that never fails to impress not just the audiences but also the LOOK3 team – due to both the stunning visual quality and high technical achievement.

“FotoMagico has been a lifesaver,” said Golden.

But one of the most important goals of the Festival is to bridge the gap between emerging and established artists, allowing the two groups to learn from one another. By creating a platform that not only encourages the sharing of photography but also provides a stage for expressing ideas, experiences, and stories, LOOK3 established itself as an international success in the photography industry.

The LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph will take place June 13-15, 2013 in Charlottesville, Virginia. To see a list of the featured photographers or buy tickets for the even, visit the LOOK3 website at www.look3.org. Free exhibits will also be available all of June.

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